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About the Name

Charlotte Francina McDonald, my great grandmother, was one of those iconic women: fiercely dynamic with an insatiable appetite for life. There was no challenge too great, no dream too big.


When my parents named me after her, they instantaneously gave me incredible shoes to fill.


I hear you Ouma Charlie, reach for the stars I shall.

About the Designer

I am one of those people: I was probably able to pick out an outfit before I could walk. So it was no surprise when my road lead to FEDISA, where I completed my degree in fashion design.


And so, the brides came knocking, and I haven’t looked back.


I am never more alive than when I’m knee deep in fabric and ideas. Lucky for me, with every new client comes a new wave of inspiration. So rest assured, not only will your gown be unique…it will be truly you.


This is one thing I have learnt: a party without a gown is just a gathering.


Charlotte Francina Pretorius

Meet our bespoke Jewel Beetle.

Our symbol of delicate, intricate beauty.

Chosen to be the foundation of many more breathtaking gowns to come.

About the Logo

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